chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Disaster Greetings

The weather is awfully mean lately. Relentless. Surprising. Excessive. Here's the first 8 days our 10 day forecast, and it looks just like the last one:

Eventually all the rain bloated the river behind my sister's house the other day and created a brand new lakeview for her front porch. Flooded her garage, almost caught the house on fire, ruined her car, drowned her new baby chicks...

I was thinking about getting her a card or something, and then I thought, well, what kind of card do you get after a flood? And that made me think about all of the disaster weather happening daily around the world, and I wondered how many other people are trying to find just the right sentiment for their friends/family affected by it. Perhaps now that we are neck-deep in hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, droughts, sinkholes, mudslides, wildfires, lightning strikes and black-death-infected-squirrels it's time to strengthen the lines of greeting cards available to everyone.

I know my sister wouldn't want a sad/sentimental card. She'd rather have something upbeat, so these cards would have to be available in both humor and sap...

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