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***Update on Melvin and Blanche***

You must read the previous entry for this one to make any sense. Go on, back up and read it. I know, it's really long, but if you don't want to read that one, then you'll certainly have no use for this one. Neither are all that interesting, but you're already here, so...

After posting about Melvin and Blanche Powers the other day, I looked up Blanche in the internet. Nothing. Then I looked up Melvin, and BINGO. Melvin Power IS indeed a publishing tycoon, even to this day. He has a website to sell his bzillion books and to show others how to do the same. On his site there was a button that said, "email Melvin," and I thought what the hell.

I emailed him about the Auto-Hypnosis book and Blanche on the cover, and I congratulated him on his long successful career. I even asked a little bit about printing and selling a mail-order book, which is his specialty.

I sent it expecting I'd get some kind of email from an assistant or his customer service dept days later, but Melvin himself wrote me that same afternoon. He started the email by letting me know that Blanche was his first wife, and that she died many years ago (there is a happy picture of him with his present wife on his website). And beyond answering me about Blanche, this was the most friendly and helpful email. He even included his telephone number and main office hours, inviting me to ask more questions about publishing or to pitch a book idea to him, 'cause he's always got an eye out for something new.

Now I have my answer about Blanche. Well, sort of... We know who she is, but not why she's posed that way on the front of the other author's book. I guess if you publish 200 books, you start putting whatever you want on the cover of them, 'cause it's all your own business. But I don't think I'd randomly stick my grandma's picture on the front of a book about ammunition or something, ya know? Anyways, I can let that go...

What has been proven here is that Melvin is as available to his readers as he was when he included his address in the introduction of the hypnosis book. He's been selling these mail-order book since he was sixteen, and he's still doing great, and he doesn't hesitate to spread the love. It was cool to talk to him.

And that's all I've got to say about that.
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