chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Importing Poison

Dog deaths from tainted wheat gluten in pet foods -- WHEAT GLUTEN THAT THE U.S. BOUGHT FROM CHINA.

WHY are we buying wheat gluten from China? Why? Because it's cheaper? And because it's for consumption by pets, might not have to test it for quality...or poisons?

We already buy EVERYTHING from China. Nothing against the people, their country or the products themselves, but someone will have to explain to me how it can be a good thing that we don't depend on our own workers/factories for most everything.

Check the labels and you'll find China as the manufacturer on 90% of the non-food items in a store like Target or Wal-Mart. Sponges, mops, camping gear, clothes, towels, toys ... Check how many of your books were printed there. Doesn't even have to be a discount store---start paying attention to the label in other stores and be surprised at the mark-up on knick-knacks, lamps, frames, trunks, throw pillows, curtains, etc., that you should know were imported 10,000 per-crate super cheap.

Once you become aware of this, watch how hard-pressed you'll be NOT to buy something from China. At least be aware, though, and if there's actually a chance to make a choice between two brands, support U.S. products by golly. You won't find a U.S. brand for everything you need, so at least choose another country's product besides China, 'cause China's not hurting for our dollars.

Poor poor doggies and kitties.
And poor U.S. manufacturers being squashed by Wal-mart, King of Chinese Imports.

Eh, the monster that is Wal-mart is a whole new complaint/posting of its own...later.

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