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Killing Bees

For years I've heard that the "killer bees" will kill us, and tonight on the radio I hear it's the other way around. Honey bees are dying and/or missing. Tons and tons of them, and it's probably OUR fault.

The radio caller (self-proclaimed psychic) informs us that the bee deaths can actually be attributed to the hole in the ozone layer. He says bees depend upon UV's for a third of their eyesight, and the multiplied UV's of late are BLINDING THE BEES. Bees can't find the flowers to get food---shoot, they can't even find the way back to the beehive! That's really sad.

The caller was relating all of this to Art Bell, radio host of all things weird, so I didn't take it so seriously, but when I had a chance to look it up, it seems to be true. At least the part about the bees being dead or missing:

But other articles will note that this is really only happening to the colonies of bee-keepers---not bees living in the wild, not other types of bees, and not bees in other countries. That's right, ONLY the bees being raised by humans in the U.S. are dying or missing.

I would like to ask Art Bell's psychic if only KEPT bees have the sensitive eyes. Or perhaps he can keep part of his theory if he will admit that the captive bees weren't blinded, rather they left or died in starvation protest because they belong to the very humans who caused the hole in the ozone layer?

I think another hole might be in the psychic's head. Especially when he accompanies his theory with 10 ultra-vague predictions leading up to the world's nasty unavoidable demise. Hmmm...I think there's enough scary things going on in the world that we all see some shit coming our way without psychics trying say they saw it first.

Back to the real bee concern: Since last fall, beekeepers in more than 20 states have lost tens of thousands of honey bee colonies -- an estimated 30 to 35 percent of the nation's pollinator stock. Honey bees annually pollinate about $14 billion worth of food crops or one-third of the nation's produce.


See, the bees are really necessary. So...we gotta find out what's killing the bees or we can't make enough food. And if the pesticides in the crops are killing the bees after pollination, WE ARE PROBABLY EATING THAT PESTICIDE. And whether humans/pesticides are to blame, it's scary to think about a piece of the chain breaking down like this. One day they are "just bees," and the next day you realize they were our country's tiniest produce workers---no more cucumbers for you.

And bees are cute too. Dangit.
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