chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Ode to Donny Osmond

When I was seven or eight or so I got my VERY OWN 8-track tape, and it was Donny Osmond's "A Time for Us."

He was so darn cute. I wanted to marry him or belong in his family. I was also prepared to marry Peter Brady or be his sister---either would do...

The Osmonds were often mocked for their big smiles and clean living. Funny that it was sort considered their "gimmick" to just be good kids.

I had this Donny & Marie record player, and still used it as a teenager:
The cool thing was that if I turned up the volume without playing a record I could pick up truckers talking on their cb's.

I had these Donny & Marie dolls, complete with thier purple/pink tv show outfits and tiny microphones. Marie was lost almost immediately in one of our many moves, but Donny and one of his shoes survived for years. Eventually there was just his head:

This year Donny Osmond turns 50. He's still really cute...and humble...and nice...and I still have a crush on him.

And he's still pretty darn cool. Watch him in Weird Al's video "White & Nerdy"---not only is he okay with the fact that his image (and his fans) is a white/nerdy joke in itself, but he shows up and dances his ass off.
Whole video here:

Just Donny Osmond dancing for one looooong take for the video:
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