chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Secret Compartment

One day I was talking to this guy, and I saw a lumpy brown stick-thing tucked behind his ear, kind of hidden under his hair. I asked what it was, and he said it was a "blunt."
A what?
A blunt. A fatty.
A giant joint! A big fat joint.
Oh, sort of a marijuana cigar... That's what it looks like. What the hell is it doing behind your ear all casual like that?

And then he proceeded to tell me a story about how he (or perhaps a friend---I forget now) had been pulled over by a cop one night. He had gotten out to talk to the cop, had a flashlight shone in his face and then through the car, and then within a few minutes he had driven away without a ticket---BUT HE HAD A BLUNT PLAINLY SITTING ON HIS EAR THE WHOLE TIME. I was thinking how incredibly lucky he'd been that the cop didn't notice, but this guy was reveling in his own extreme cleverness in wearing the joint on his own head.

The idea of a big fat brown cigar-like joint named a "fatty" is cartoonish enough, I think. To wear it proudly on your head: a foolishness hard to comprehend. To get away with such a thing once and then continue to wear it for the cops to perchance notice it next time: too stupid for words. In fact, I had nothing more to say on that topic.

However, it made me think about the fact that this guy had found a quick hiding place on his person without using clothes or swallowing the object to retrieve by disgusting means later. And this made me picture each person discovering their own special built-in compartment, say a little hinged door in the temple (near where this blunt was hidden), and how it would be used.

Say lots of folks were walking around with these compartments thinking that no one else had such a thing and that it would never be discovered---what kind of stuff would they keep in there? Mostly illegal stuff, I think. Or stupid things like cash, gum, or condoms. I wonder how many people would use it like a safety deposit box and keep secret papers there. Love letters. I wonder how many old people would have stuff in there that they have long forgotten about, and how many teenagers would be storing something stinky and expired.

I'd like to discover one of these compartments on my husband's head and wait till he's asleep to see what he's stored there. My guess is gummi bears, wadded up receipts, and his maybe other pair of glasses, but I'd be hoping for some kind of documentation from his home planet.

I think later in life I'd fill my head with cash, tiny toys and candy, and then I'd leave behind a note instructing my family to bust my head open like a pinata after my death.
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