chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Batwing Dream

One night I dreamed that we came home to find our dogs had grown bat wings somehow. They were flitting around the living room, and Acorn was especially fast and clumsy, smashing into things left and right. Instead of thinking this was really cool and touring the country with them for $$$, we decided something must be done to restore them to regular dogs. So we caught them and snipped off their wings with scissors (hey, it was a dream, and apparently it didn't hurt at all), and that was that.

A few days after this dream I went into a shop that was full of pet stuff, including outfits and costumes. I found bat wings there, a large and small pair that were perfect fits for Angus and Acorn to wear on Halloween. Funny that I would have definitely bought these wings even without the dream, as they just look so good on Boston Terriers.
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