chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

If you make fun of Winter...

If you tease Winter, it will snow. I was just making fun of it yesterday, saying, "If it's just cold, Winter has no redeeming qualities. There's nothing to look at, no snow to play in---there's just COLD and dead stuff."

So I get up this morning and look outside:

See Winter showing off just a little bit? This is all the snow it could muster overnight, though, without totally freaking out our completely unreliable local weather guys.

And one more thing about this picture. You see the little rabbit by the tree? There's a baby bunny next to it, and they were a gift from Cheryl when I bought this house. I was looking at the rabbits the other day and noticed the really really green vines growing around the bottom of the tree. I was impressed with how green and alive the leaves were despite the cold. Then I reached down and moved them and remembered that they are fake. I put those vines there one day for the hell of it when someone at work was throwing away a bunch of foliage. I had the piece in my car and thought (when the whole tree and yard was still green) that it would look nice around the rabbits. What a dummo.

And then, speaking of the cold, Santa Claus gave me this giant luxurious wonderful pillow for Christmas, which the dogs have adopted. Not only have they taken it over, they occasionally cuddle just to share it, and these dogs NEVER cuddle with each other.

They were hesitant to sit on it at first because I was always shooing them away. But it wasn't long before they were draped across it as their own. Notice the limp arm of "this-damn-pillow-is-mine" demonstrated below:

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