chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Dueling Computers and Thedfords

These days we have two computers that are only about 15 feet from each other. Frankly, that's one too many computers for two people, but it just worked out that way during some free-lance things that came up this year for us both. Otherwise we aren't gamers or heavy enough computer users to each need one to ourselves. Shucks, after years of having dial-up and a small screen at home, one computer with a DSL and a large monitor is like owning a movie theater and a library. Having two schmancy computers is as frivolous as a gold toilet.

I think tonight is the first time we've been on the computers at the same time, and we sound stupid clicking at our keyboards together. It's also stupid to holler something to him and know he's looking it up. It's also fun to know that right now I could open the same browser he's using and shut his ass down in an instant, and I'd know the precise second of impact by his yelling.

Because he's in there within hearing range of my internet search, I told him I was Googling his name, "Aaron Thedford" to see if there was anything (good or bad) to harass him about. I came across this article:

"Boy wins cockroach-eating challenge"
Young Aaron Thedford didn't need queso or sour cream for his crunchy snack Friday night -- just a cast-iron stomach. Six Flags Over Texas had several takers in a cockroach-eating challenge for the right to jump to the front of the line.
video here:

Aaron is disappointed to hear that there is another Aaron Thedford, but even more-so to see the kid is right here in Texas. Aaron does at least admire the fact that the kid is making the news... I'm a little worried, though. When my Aaron was this age, the coolest thing he ever did was teach his Schnauzer tricks to perform at the mall. This cockroach-eating at Six Flags has already put the newer, younger Aaron Thedford on television. Someday the young Thedford may want to take on the old Thedford in some type of battle of the coolness. A battle to the death, I'm afraid, because ya know THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

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