chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Husbands As Alligators

I just posted a new story on my website. This one is called, "As An Alligator," and is located here:

The other two aren't for children, so the alligator story doesn't really belong there. But, well, it's not like I have so many stories that I can begin sorting...

"As An Alligator" isn't really new, as I wrote and doodled it last year for the husband for fun. Early this year I tried finishing it out for him with pictures a little less scribbly. I got bored drawing it a second time, and I was way out of the habit of drawing, so these will always look stiff and icky to me. I like it, though, because it is full of Aaron's declarations that he makes around the house. It also has our dog Angus as a puppy, and one page has a picture of my kitty Cotton on the wall.
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