chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Clay pictures

I like to paint, and I like to sculpt...but there are things about each that I get snagged on and lose interest.

Been making these clay paintings that are a combination of painting and sculpting, but just the fun parts of both.

These are the first two:



These are 5x5 inches, and I'm working on a third that is 5x7. I keep thinking of stuff that would be fun to try, but kinda complicated and much larger. Need to just slowly work my way up to there.


On an unrelated note, I found this enormous tomato worm in the back yard. These used to be on our tomato plants when we had a garden when I was a kid. I love how fat and slow they are, and I can see how this would be a juicy lunch for a bird.

Camera focused on Acorn sunning in the background instead of the worm...


And Angus in the background of the other photo. If you do anything outside, these two are all up in
your business.



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