chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Small World

Today I ran across an article about a particular veterinarian in Capistrano Beach, CA, and of all veterinarians on the planet, this happens to have been my dogs' vet when we lived in California a few years ago. This was the period when Acorn began her eye misadventures that led to one visit after another, and eventually she was in one of those satellite dish collars with one eye and really bad nausea from an antibiotic. The doctor warned that she might not be able to keep them down, and sure enough she made nice puddles of red-pill vomit up and down the stairs of our apartment.

One-eyed Acorn

So when Acorn went back to see this vet, he took hold of her satellite dish with both hands and peered inside the cone to ask, "Are we feeling sick, honey?"  And she immediately projectile vomited into his face. What didn't hit his face landed all inside the collar.

It was great.

I mean, it was terrible.

But I still let out a big burst of laughter before I shut it down and said I was sorry. The guy took it really well and made some joke as he cleaned himself up.
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