chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Tiny stuff

I like to draw really really small, so I have lots of doodles that are about 3x3 inches. Most of them go in the trash or get left here and there, but I'm going to start keeping some and watercoloring them.

Painted version:

Framed tiny pic...

I need adult supervision at the art table. Or maybe a bowl of positive-reinforcement fortune cookies with messages like:

Keep going.
Don't throw that away.
That doesn't suck as bad as you think it does.
Don't give up -- there's a 65% chance it will look a lot better when it's done.
If you accomplish something today you will be less suicidal.
Painting will soothe the evil beast that is the hidden half of your soul.
There is no meaning in life, but drawing is pretty cool anyway.

Do this or go back to school and learn a real skill.
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