chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Indian Palace

I met my friend at an Indian restaurant today that is in this beautiful building...actually, I think you can call it a palace.

As we walked up to the building from behind I noticed there is an open grassy area with this pretty, smaller building, so I wanted to go over and take a picture.

On the way to the building (and for a few minutes after we reached it) I was rambling about a horror movie called that I just saw advertise.

"It's called Pig Hunt. It's supposed to be kind of funny and stupid and full of boobs...Hey...Sh*t...I can't work this camera. I'm so f*cking stupid. Stupid f*cking camera."

Then I step forward to actually take the pic and notice a woman kneeling behind one of the pillars. And then I notice what is a MEMORIAL plaque.

So I've been standing there cursing in front of a little memorial/meditation area like crazy. We both instantly go quiet, back away. I need to wash my filthy mouth out with soap.

And a couple hours later I realize the pretty obvious joke in the title of the pig movie.
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