chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

A Play

Went to a play last night and realized -- no, confirmed --- that I don't want to hear anyone sing their lines. I wouldn't call this a musical or an opera, rather some kind of horror in between the two. There were a few actual songs, but mostly just lines being delivered alternately in a singing and regular voice.

It was also in a tiny theater where audience sits on same level as stage, and the actors are about three feet away. From here I could see stuff I shouldn't normally be able to see, like lipstick on teeth, or bra straps or the guy who didn't have time to zip his pants when he changed after the last scene.

I found myself watching shoes scuff the floor, cleavage being squished together, the sheen on nail polish and nose cobwebs swinging...everything but the play.

Still, it was fun...


Made me think of taking my nephew to see Nightmare Before Christmas when he was a kid. Neither of us knew anything about it, other than it was stop-motion. Part of the way thru there was a song, and I thought, "Oooooh, shit..."

I thought, well, at least I hear kids really like songs in shows and stuff. But I looked over at him, and he was tensed up. Then there was another song, and I heard him say, "Oh no...."   Then there was a third song, and he closed his eyes, threw his head back, "Please, no more singing."

We both loved the movie, and the songs aren't annoying when I watch it nowadays. But I had no more patience than a ten year old when I first saw it.


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