chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

It's hot


It's too hot. We've been hot before, but it's never been so relentless. This morning I even heard someone speculating about having an iceberg towed around to Texas, melted and used for water...?  The heat is making people crazy.

The forecast looks like this every week, so there's no point in looking anymore.
It's not like magically mid-week we'll lose 30 degrees.

I keep finding strange bugs in the house, all desperately seeking water I guess. Strange spindly-legged things I've never seen before show up in the kitchen sink. I feel really sorry for them, but keep escorting them outside. I fill up the birdbath, but not sure if all my yard critters can get to it.

Never had a cricket in this house. At least I've never heard one. Last week there was one chirping mournfully from behind the fridge. It was a slow song, kinda shaky. Saddest cricket of all time.

I think he was singing, "It's too hot. I'm dying. Goodbye, cruel world."

He only sang for one night. Poor thing.

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