chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Frog Night

[Please forgive the use of the word "frog" below when these are actually toads. I have always called them frogs, and it isn't going to stop.]

Angus knows the word "frog."  Now he recognizes the phrase, "Let's go look for frogs,"  and he runs off the deck and begins a slow inspection of the yard.

His excited face looks an awful lot like his worried face.

I don't have to worry about him eating the frogs, as he's kind of afraid of all little creatures. He just likes to bark at them.
Acorn, however, will eat any small creature, so she is not taken along during frog quests.  Still, she finds them on her own.

Frog consumption leads to foaming and tummy discomfort.

I think word spread in the frog community that her poor vision these days would make them all safe. Unfortunately no one has made it back alive to let the elders know this is not true.

It's actually pretty amazing that Acorn finds a frog in the dark. The other day she was interested in a swan, but after it went into the water and was about 15 feet away she couldn't really see it anymore, as indicated by the direction of her head in this pic:

I love frogs, and it's fun to spot them in the yard and out on walks. It's weird that I have an animal I love who eats other animals I love. But it's a neato/horrifying circle of life thing.

There really should be a larger creature on earth that jumps out of bushes to eat people on a regular basis so that we have to stay on our toes. Maybe an alien invasion one day will take care of this.

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