chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Earth Day

Earth day is today...or tomorrow. Soon. Not sure. I just know that when I hear people mention Earth Day I kind of laugh at the fact that for one day some people will do stuff they were supposed to remember to do all year.

It's Earth Day --- Today let's remember not to have every lightbulb in the entire house burning for no reason.  After today, well, who cares.

It's Earth Day --- Don't water your lawn today so that we can conserve water!  But after today please go right back to watering the entire street/sidewalk in addition to your yard. 

My introduction to Earth Day was around 1990 or so at a big park in Oklahoma City. There were kids rolling around an 8-foot tall ball painted to look like the earth. Kids got moons and stars and flowers painted on their face. People ate corndogs, burgers and snowcones. Chicks wearing togas and flower wreaths were selling quartz necklaces and fake flowers on sticks (wands).

Everyone split in their 500 gas-guzzling autos as the sun was beginning to set. The lovely park was covered with their Earth Day corndog, plastic wand and Pepsi litter.

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