chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Lawn Pals


I used to think that when I got a house of my own one day I'd fill my yard with a bunch of little lawn ornaments, but then I actually got a house and made absolutely no effort to do this. Except we put two little concrete dogs on the porch, and the house came with a couple tiny figures already in the garden. Then we got a few lawn gifts from people:

But then things just started showing up in the yard. Like one day there was a the three-headed dog from Harry Potter sitting in the crook of our smaller tree. I never moved the toy, and five years later the tree has grown around it. The body is completely inside the tree.

And then every few months a new thing appears. I suspect my neighbor puts them there, but he's never said, and I never ask. They are usually rabbits:

Yesterday there was something new and different. Very different.

Is it a snake? An abstract vagina? A tongue?

It's so out of place in my yard that it makes me laugh, going full circle and becoming something that does belong.

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