chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Books and Weather

A Boy and His Sheep book is finally printed correctly and available in my poorly designed General Store on the website:

I had to learn how to make a PayPal button all over again today, which was much like a surprise math quiz ...which for me is the same nightmare as a planned math quiz.

Technology and math, booooo.


Looks like spring-time has been revoked, and we are now 50 degrees and gray and dull. Yuck. However, my front yard is still Disney-esque, filled with squirrels and butterflies and an assortment of birds. When I open the front door there's a huge rustle of leaves and wings as every critter takes off.

My hardy red flowers are back.
Nice to see them again when they are not encased in ice. They always try to stick around a little too late.

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