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Watched "Love in the Afternoon" today...

Ariane:  They're very odd people, you know. When they're young, they have their teeth straightened, their tonsils taken out and gallons of vitamins pumped into them. Something happens to their insides! They become immunized, mechanized, air-conditioned and hydromatic. I'm not even sure whether he has a heart.
Michel:  What is he? A creature from outer space?
Ariane:  No. He's an American.

There's a little dog in the movie that keeps barking, and every time Acorn hears it she jumps up and runs outside to find it. Pretty funny. I don't know why she's affected by some dogs on tv, and then other ones she ignores. Must have something to do with what the dog is saying.

Such an odd movie --- a nice girl pretends to be very promiscuous to win over a playboy. Watching it you really hope she wins him over, but in real life you would advise this girl to MOVE ON.

Fun to see this really vibrant color picture after years of watching it in black and white.


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