chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Books and floors...


I hoped to say today that "A Boy and His Sheep" books are being printed and available soon, but I received the proof this weekend, and it's really botched. I put it together, so that's my fault.

Well, here's the cover, which isn't wrong:

So instead I'll settle for news that construction on my rotten back room is just about finished. Angus is pictured below doing a walk-through to demonstrate his approval of the new smooth surface. (Actually he's just glad to have use of the doggie door again).

The floor used to have some linoleum tile that was barely sticking in place, and below that the wood floor was stained and layered with three types of evil adhesive. A wonderful fellow name Glen came in and removed all the tile, scraped up glue, replaced some boards and polished up the floor
. It's neato that we were able to keep the really old wood.

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