chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Tea and Porches


We decided to get a new front door. That turned into ripping off the porch to repair water damage under the door, so there was a mess out front for quite a while.

I'm easily distracted, so I was really worried about stepping out the front door without remembering there was no porch to step on, which would have been painful.

The mess is all cleaned up now. New door and new porch.  Now to decide whether new door remains white...or orange...or gets painted to look like the Tardis...

I love tea so much, hot or cold. Iced tea just smells and tastes like spring/summer.  It makes me think of my grandma's tea on the piano next to her while she watched Wimbledon on a sweltering day. She had a really tall clear glass, and the ice would make it sweat onto a paper towel she had folded underneath.

I like drinking out of a Mason jar, which I actually lifted from her house at some point...

All of our glasses are pretty small, impractical for tea. I think I'll just slowly acquire jars.

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