chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Making stuffs


Had fun making necklaces and assorted things for gifts. My dining room table was a mess for weeks. Too cold to work in the shed.

I am not very good with crafty stuff. I leave fingerprints on everything, and I can't sew straight. My hands also spontaneously throw things, and many tiny beads disappeared... Sometimes I think that if I did this stuff all the time I'd get better, but I'm pretty sure that's not true.

I can't bake very well either, as I walk away a lot and forget to turn on the timer.

Eggplant, pizza, and one batch of blonde brownies went okay. I turned off the timer when second batch of brownies finished, but then I left them in the oven ten minutes longer because I was on the phone.   Kitchen fairies revoked my apron.

I'm usually lazy and pull up Google images of other people's stuffs, but these stuffs are my actual baked stuffs. Really.

Speaking of baking... Poor little old stove is retiring this week.

I feel weird about getting a new one, as I love old things, and this stove is lovely...but old appliances are kinda scary if you don't have them really looked over and restored. I kept waiting for this beast to blow up the house.

I used to have a neat old 50's toaster that just spontaneously caught on fire one day. I suppose it could happen with a new toaster too. One never knows when the morning toast is one's last toast of all time.


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