chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Chet and Mildred


I came across these cups on Ebay one day and keep thinking about them. For one thing, I've heard the phrase "gay nineties," but never really thought about why the time period was called that. These cups are from 1890's, when I guess some people had enough money and gaiety to do whimsical things like have their cartoony portraits and names painted on their coffee cups.

On one hand the cups are adorable. On the other hand it makes me sad that Chet and Mildred didn't have offspring who had offspring who wanted to hang on to the cups. As a childless couple, I have to wonder where our lifetime accumulation of treasured shit will go, and if anyone will care about it.

And I do mean "shit" when referring to our stuff. None of it is valuable except to us.


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