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Billy the Dog needs a home.

If you happen to be looking THE PERFECT dog, I will drive this guy to you even if you are outside of Dallas.
Even if you can just foster him for a bit, I'll keep looking for new home. He only visits me for a couple hours a day while a neighbor keeps him at her office the rest of the time, but this is of course not gonna work forever.

He is now neutered and micro-chipped. Vet thinks he's about 9 months old. He seems to be a lab mix. He can sit, shake hands, and he walks like a pro on a leash.

Frankly, I'm kinda scared of big dogs, but this guy gave off an angelic vibe from the first second I met him, and he couldn't be more dopey/docile. He follows me from room to room, totally silent, very well-mannered in the house. Lopes around the yard and pounces on toys from high bunny hops. Oddly, for such a young dog he's pretty happy to just lie around a lot doing nothing much at all.

It se
ems he and two other dogs were dumped without collars in our neighborhood, but apparently they once belonged to someone who treated them really well and taught them manners. Three super awesome dogs. His brother has already been adopted, and .... sadly, their little pal was struck by a car before anyone had a chance to take her in.  :(

Billy would have gone to the pound on Friday if we hadn't grabbed him and his brother before the van arrived. Now struggling to find a home for him is just an all-day reminder of the pound doggies/kitties I'm already haunted by before I go to sleep at night.  Sooo many animals full of love that we've domesticated to be our pals, and then they find no place in this world.

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