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Mary Mary


Part of quick vacation to California last month was  to see the Queen Mary. I've never been anywhere near a big ship, so it was intimidating to walk up to this behemoth. Also, the fact that she's so old and has traveled so far gives her such a presence.

I took this photo from a helicopter...Or I stole it from Google images. You decide.

I don't think I'd ever ever take a cruise, as it seems like a great deal of my time would be spent in compartments (eww for claustrophobia) rather than seeing new and exciting things, so a quick visit to a permanently docked ship was perfect. 

Night was not as cold as my scarf use may indicate.

And she's just so pretty!   I was thinking about how if we'd visited as kids we would have zipped up and down the halls, climbed the railings, run up and down the stairs, but as boring adults we were staring at the railings and the perfect planks, fixtures --- so many nicely made things that are still lovely after 75 years.  And hubby eyeballing all the on-board bars with foggy windows overlooking the black ocean.

Would be prettier without the tourist junk...

But we spent the most time looking from top deck down at a tarp on the dock. There was a mom raccoon with several babies waiting there for a security guard to split so that they could hit the dumpster. The security guard sat in a chair, and the mom paced back and forth. Too dark to get a picture of that...


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