chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Monster Checks Out His Halloween Haul


Did this for my friend AR (from previous post)....

I can't believe Halloween is coming. Although the weather did just suddenly change that direction, so I guess it's true. 

I just remembered today that we used to carry our Halloween candy in pillowcases sometimes.

And one Halloween night before junior high started the next year, I remember my friend and I lagging behind the group of trick-or-treating kids (which never happened) and talking about stuff that comes next.   "When do you know it's time to have a boyfriend, and when do we start wearing deodorant...or perfume...or makeup?  If everyone else at school is too 'grown up' for trick-or-treating, won't we still go next year?"

My friend said, "We'll know about the deodorant when we start stinking. You'll tell me if I stink, right?"

And then a bully knocked down one of the kids in front of us and ran away with his pillowcase of candy, and all thoughts immediately went back full-force to Halloween night.  We all put some of our candy in a sack for that kid who was robbed.

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