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Went to California a couple weeks ago.... One thing we did was return to Disneyland and see the same great people we went with last year.  It was one of my favorite days last year and possibly other years.

There are lots of things that are really hyped, but they aren't all that great in real life. Disneyland is not one of those places. You won't change my mind.

The people with us were beloved co-workers from our California adventure last year. One of them was AR, and he used to work at Disneyland, so he really enjoyed showing us secret things and ways to cut around the park faster. It's fun to watch him enjoy everything as tho he hasn't been there a 100 times.

AR stood patiently nearby while I looked at lots of silly things in shops toward the end of the day. I wanted to bring home a small souvenir this time, but couldn't decide. I kept seeing this ADORABLE plush Dumbo wrapped in a baby blanket. Dumbo makes me cry, and then he makes me cry again when they have him fly around with the fireworks at Disneyland.

So AR kept saying, "Get the Dumbo! Look at that face." And I kept taking Dumbo down from the shelf and hugging him and putting him back, "No, he's too big and sweet and should go to a deserving toddler, not a 42 year old woman. I'm being silly."

But AR kept pointing at Dumbo again in another store, and I'd squeeze and pet Dumbo and put him back again.

Eventually I settled upon a small Eeyore.  I'm not pessimistic like Eeyore, but I can relate to a character that isn't full of sunshine....

We hugged AR as we left Disneyland that night, and it was really sad. I don't like knowing we won't see AR again for maybe a year or longer. Who knows when he'll come here or we'll go there. Your favorite people shouldn't live so far away.

So we got home from our trip, and a few days later there was a package in the mail from AR. I opened it up and found this inside:

AR's hand-writing looks astoundingly similar to Walt Disney's signature

It was the same baby Dumbo from the park, and he had a note safety-pinned to his blanket. The note said (altho I've blurred out a bit of it) "Dear Deanna, Even though I kept staring at you at Disneyland, you chose Eeyore..." and goes on to explain how this fellow helped him find his way to me in Texas. "...Anyway, I would love to stay with you, but if you don't want me, please find me a good home. Signed, Dumbo."

And Dumbo made me cry again.


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