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Rain and Tornados


For all you people saying, "Hey, we could sure use some rain..." Please stop. You'll get rain. You will get more than you can ever ever use. You will be begging for less rain. You should know that in Texas you will get your requested rain/sun with a vengeance until you're  filled with remorse.

This morning it was raining harder than I've ever seen while living in this house, and that's saying a lot.

By the time I headed to work, I wasn't just mad about getting soaked trying to get to my car (this happened yesterday too) I was actually a little scared for the house flooding. The yards weren't draining well, and the driveway was a flowing river.

The drive to work was slooooow. I kept finding patches of water a foot-deep and wondering if I should be on a different road. The fact that the rain was a non-stop pour was kind of scary. The scary rain should be in bursts, not last for hours...

But the rain slowed down eventually, and that left my mind.

Hours later at work someone says, "Hey, there's a tornado forming above us."  And everyone is full of crap at work, so no one listened, so the person had to actually play the radio report. Then everyone went to watch the news on the big lobby tv.

What's funny is that while we all watched the tv, the funnel cloud was actually over us. We could have walked outside to watch it, but everyone was mesmerized by frantic tv report.

Funnel forming over downtown Dallas

News like this should be scary, but it's just kind of exciting. Everyone knows it's dumb to not take this huge destructive force seriously, but even when your own area is in a warning, the actual tornado is an invisible (somewhat unbelievable) threat until you hear it has touched down. Then it's Godzilla stomping down your street.

And today I was very busy thinking about how we don't take tornados very seriously when someone shouts again, "Hey, the tornado has touched down in your neighborhood."

There's my COUNTY being in a warning, and then there's my NEIGHBORHOOD. Two whole different worlds. No one has ever said, hey, there's a tornado in your neighborhood.



Yet the weatherman stood there and made a triangle across the map today. A red triangle, very specific area, and said this is where the tornado has touched down and is traveling along. He was naming off all the familiar streets. My house was in the center.

Poor guy sitting on the sofa at work, chatting away on his cell phone during the report --- I shooed him away in a way I've never done with any adult, so that I could hear the news.

I went back to my desk and looked on computer. Damn Twitter comes up in every search --- great, we can get live updates from people everywhere SEEING the tornado, but they are all giving wildly different accounts: The tornado is here! It's there! It's in my back yard! It's on a plane! It's having lunch with yer mom!

In any case, this report of the tornado in my neighborhood dragged out 10 minutes but felt like an hour, and it was really hard not to jump in the car and head that way...

Ya know, to defend the house with a shotgun or something.

Anyway, house survived. Tornado was spotted several places, including the lake and crossing a highway at rush hour (so perhaps Twitter people weren't so far off), but only actually touched down near my neighborhood.  Damaged a few buildings, and no one was really hurt.

Well, a reminder to be afraid. Not that it does any good to be afraid, but tornado did briefly get the Godzilla status back today.


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