chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,



The show I worked on in California last year finally has an air date, October 2nd. Starting to see the first ads for it.

This is big news because the show was in limbo for months, possibly never to air, which was really sad for all the work everyone put into it. The studio Core, where most of the real work was being done, shut down just before the full season was finished. The studio where I worked, Omation, shut down the Sheen production entirely shortly afterward. Nickelodeon apparently went ahead and finished up the last bit of the season and now releases it.'ll see Nick's name all over this show, but they aren't really the proud parents.

Btw, it seems people think my previous post about burning bridges was the result of an angry day. Actually it was a good day. I just happened to be reflecting upon some bad personal/professional days, some of which were coincidentally on this Sheen project. I regret now not being vocal enough (perhaps) about this and that, which sometimes allows nasty people to go forward unchecked and plague other people/projects.


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