chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Tiny Notebook: Part 2


Speaking of notebooks (previous post)....

When I saw my dad last week, he had a tiny blue notebook made of metal. It was about the size of a credit card and flipped open.   He had already used all of the original pad inside and had since then cut out little scraps of graph paper and taped them in there to use for his passwords and notes ... which is no big deal, I know, but he looks like a teddy bear (or Ewok), so it's adorable to me that he taped the pages there.  

He likes to alter/reuse/re-rig things, btw, and I wish I had taken a picture of the giant jack he had created his own frame around and given wheels and a handle.  Time before last when I saw him, he also had
a really creepy medieval-ish tool he'd made to rip the old shingles off his roof.  And he had his own scaffolding constructed alongside the house for aforementioned de-shingling.


Yes, it was even a nice Tardis blue...

When he saw me marveling at the notebook he immediately tried to give it to me, which is what he does, but I didn't want him to have to replace it.  And as handy/cute as it was, I wouldn't be taking it home to use. I'd put it in my bottom dresser drawer as a nifty dad thing, and pull it out to look at now and then.

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