chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Tiny Notebook


Sometimes someone (usually not me) says something brilliant, and then it makes a bunch of pictures and ideas and a barreling train of inspiration fly thru my head. And I think, "I need to write that down."   And then I don't. And then I forget everything that was said.  Ask me anything else that person said that day, but not the brilliant thing I wanted to keep.

There's no shortage of paper around me to commit these things, unless I happen to be driving or standing in line somewhere. I always have a notebook or three, and a clipboard, and sketchbooks....but I commit the most sketches and writing and ideas on scraps of paper that are NOT inside any of the above mentioned methods of keeping paper in one place.

In fact, the fancier and more official the notebook or sketch
book is, the more afraid I am to commit a single thing to it. Instead of a fun doodle, a drawing in a sketchbook is an official documented published no-going-back entry. Too much pressure. I have to see that lame page every time I open the book, and then I just want to rip it out.

These are intimidating. Worse, a cow shouldn't die to protect my doodles.

Back to the person blabbing brilliant phrases... One day, after she spewed something clever that would (and did) immediately leave my br
ain,  I announced that I HAVE to get a tiny notebook that fits in my purse, no excuses, that's with me at all times, and I HAVE to put things in it.    A couple weeks after my announcement I actually looked for the notepad.

There are tiny notepads everywhere, btw, but it had to fit in my purse/pocket, which is just practical.  THEN it had to meet OCD requirements. The covers have to be stiff stiff stiff. I can't stand when the edges of a notepad are kinda worn and bent back. It hurts my eye
s looking at a worn spiral notebook much the same way it does when I see men's toes poking out of sandals.

ewwww.... Okay, it's not that bad.

And if this notepad is gonna be traveling around in my purse, it has to have the little magnetic flap to keep it closed. God forbid I ever reach in there and find the thing half open, my wallet smashed between several torn pages. Messy.

Messy should not be confused with old, weathered and yellowed, which is actually coooool.

I found a tiny notebook a few weeks ago. A boring little cardboard thing with a magnetic flap...But  I WANTED something kinda old/weathered/sturdy/intimidating  that will somehow transform my lame contents into something magical...

But let's be realistic. The cooler the notebook looked, the less I'd commit to it. I'd want to keep it as-is and not soil it with my stupid thoughts.

Soooooo I have this tiny boring notebook now and have
kept it with me at all times. And it's been completely empty until today. A lame entry has been made. AND I didn't rip the pages out next time I looked inside. Small steps....

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