chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Magic Jim


I love this old book called "Magic Jim" about a chipmunk who has magical powers and wings for no real explained reason. Jim is a kid (or a young adult?) who still lives with his very patient mom, and he flies around doing exactly what he wants all day, being a punk and ruining stuff for his own amusement.

His mom has no powers and is extremely patient and understanding of Jim's lack of self-control. The book begins with her asking him to please not turn the market into a dump again, as she needs to do some shopping. Jim can't make any promises, and says, "I'll try." He  knows that when he is asked not to do something, it makes him want to do the thing all the more.

Jim goes about his day, and he randomly decides that since streams are so pretty, all of the roads should be streams. And he makes this so. This ruins the whole nearby town with flooding, causing a lot of chaos.

Instead of taking back what he's done, he gives everyone boats. Everything is still wrong, and he does not care (see him enjoying the baker's dismay below)... until he realizes the crackers he'll eat for dinner are getting soggy. And his mom yells at him.

He restores everything and heads home with his mom. On the way she says too bad he'll have to eat soggy crackers. And he thinks to himself, "Oh well, I'll just turn them into chocolate eclairs."

No lesson learned.


That story has no moral, and it's awesome. The point of this story is that Jim is magic, and he can do whatever he wants. And he will.

Maybe there will be a sequel someday where things go wrong for Jim, having finally abused his powers too much, but I doubt it.

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