chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Another good one...


Goodbye to an awfully nice and talented fellow, Pres Romanillos, who left all of us suckers behind this weekend.

Since I'm an animator (most of the time), sometimes people ask if I ever meet actors or anyone famous.
The answer is always NO --- the actors don't hang out with the help. And although we've all been aflutter at some point that an actor might actually walk thru the studio, if I really think about who is the coolest person to meet at work, it sure as hell isn't an actor. It's actually the biggest thrill for me to meet someone who is an unbelievably talented artist --- and then to find that they are also the most kind and humble person. Pres was one of those neato people.

I'm sad to think he's not here today.
I'm more sad for his family and friends and animals. I just wanted to say so.

Here is his lovely blog of sketches about his dog Pickle, along with the many other animals around his house:

And another blog of beautiful artwork:

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