chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

RIP Duck No. 2


My dogs haven't had a new toy in a while, and mostly because they just rip them to shreds within a day.
Stuffed toys don't stand a chance. All stuffing must be removed IMMEDIATELY, preferably from an opening at the throat.  Angus and Acorn's toy bucket is full of body parts, as only the pelt and odd limbs remain.

A family Boston, Atlas,  demonstrating his skills with pillows.

They've had one of these mallards before, but I just got them another one because the first one seemed kind of tough. I remember it lasting for the whole day.

But this time I handed them the mallard and left the room for about 15 minutes before returning to find this bloodbath.

The prize within the toy body is of course the squeaker. In the case of the mallard, it was more like a long duck esophagus, and you'll notice it's missing from the crime scene above. That's because Angus is proudly sporting it, and will walk around the house with it in his mouth for an hour to torture Acorn, who of course would like to carry it around and torture Angus.

However, no one gets it in the end, as all squeakers are confiscated once I'm tired of supervising the winner to make sure he doesn't eat it when done gloating.

Confiscated mallard esophagus.

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