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Our house is from 1940, and apparently ever since it was built  some useless objects have accumulated in the back yard. These things are slowly being excavated by  Angus&Acorn Archeology Co.

So far they have unearthed a couple of odd spoons, a knife, wooden spools, some stockings, keys, bottle caps, and a what seems to be a street sign turned to solid rust. The yard is not soft at all. Some of these excavations were a month-long careful process.

This old pointy spoon has a new life in my coffee these days.

The results of the dig usually end up on the rug at the back door, presented to us. Actually that's just probably where the dogs rested to chew on the item.

This pretty server spoon (?) is the most recent find.

Although I'm not sure the dogs unearthed it so much as we exposed it rebuilding the deck last week. Aaron found it right on the surface, but I'm sure it was already examined by the dogs and deemed useless.

I can't wait until they find gold coins. We have enough silverware.


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