chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Turkey Leg


Angus looks as though some terrible fate is about to befall him...

... but I'm just taking his damn picture.

I don't know why he gets all relaxed in the chair and then poses that one leg up there like that --- it doesn't look comfortable.

But it DOES look like a turkeyleg. 

I love it. I want to bite it. I like all the fat at the top leading to the bony ankle.

Angus and Acorn have been together seven years, and they play together and all that, but they have a strange relationship that involves sleeping/sitting far from each other. They growl when it gets too close. They are very protective of their relaxation space.

That's why it was sweet when they bonded in the car recently. They both wanted to look thru the seats, and they were really tired, so they gave in and leaned against each other. Acorn also hates having her picture taken, so this is truly a rare moment....

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