chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Bird Fight


Still watching owls at dusk, and lately there are two babies along with the adults. Babies are same size as adults and can fly, but they are all gray and fuzzy.

I can't get a picture because it's too dark for my camera, but this is what the babies look like:

There is a lot of activity in the backyard now that it's warm out. Wait, the word "warm" doesn't even work anymore---it's a broiler out there. I can smell the grass cooking.

Beyond the owls, there tons of loudmouth birds. I love all birds, but lately they have been screaming at each other and making a big commotion like a bunch of
punk ass kids. 

The other day there were four or five bluejays, three cardinals and a mockingbird in the same tree all squawking simultaneously. Mockingbird was at the top of the tree being the loudest and most relentless, bobbing up and down, still screaming long after the other birds left.

I thought bird-watching was something peaceful, but the action in that tree is a little bit trashy talk show.


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