chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Hypnotized by the Giant Squid

I can't stop looking at this stupid picture. It HAS to be fake, but everyone I find with the image says it came from a book called, "Extreme Nature," which is about real animals. Maybe it's just a sample of how a giant squid would look.

The eye! Holy crap---look at THE EYE! Nothing should have an eye that big without the body being the size of a building. And nothing should be alive that is as big as a building. As much as I love animals, I'm scared of big animals. And blimps. I can't explain the blimp fear, though, seeing how they aren't alive. Still, blimps fly around silently like a giant bird, and I would be afraid of a giant bird.

This reminds me, Aaron wants a Giant Schnauzer. I keep saying I don't want a dog that is big enough to drag me around the block. And what if I forget to feed that giant dog and he eats me while I'm sleeping?
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