chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

A Chef and this and that


Yeah, I'd rather nap than cook.

A new story on my website. The idea was supplied by my nut-job nephew who likes to watch cooking shows.

here it is:

The stories on my site are specifically called Not-For-Children, but other than mention of vomit, that label doesn't apply to "A Bad Chef."  Husband says DON'T MAKE ANYMORE STORIES THAT ARE FOR KIDS BECAUSE THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU DO... but he forgets, of course, that he is not the boss of me. And I think it's important that I finish anything I can, which helps me get moving again.

Anyway I never set out to do anything that's specifically not for kids. I just do whatever I want, and that meanders over into not-necessarily-for-kids, so I include a warning just in case...

On an unrelated note, here is a lovely enormous tree from recent bike ride.

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