chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Spring Digging and Owls


[I have a friend who doesn't like owls, so I was sure to put the word "owl" in the subject to keep her away. If she is still reading this, she should GO AWAY NOW

I'm sure there have always been owls in our neighborhood, but I'm just now getting to see them. A tiny one keeps showing up at night to watch our yard from the fence. Every time I go to get my camera, he's gone when I come back. The other night he waited for me.

He's only about 6 inches tall, like a silly little toy. He let me walk all of the way up to the fence for a closer look, keeping his head locked on me, but then the dogs ran over to see what's going on, scaring him away.

Here he is up in the tree after he left the fence. Wish it was clear, but I'm kinda surprised these night pictures came out at all.

In other spring news, the dogs keep digging small spots in the yard and sticking their faces in the holes. Even during an intense game of tag, suddenly one of them will come to abrupt halt to dig.
Sometimes they just sniff, and sometimes they eat something. I never see an actual object come out of the ground to their mouths, but they chew and dig for more, and apparently it's delicious.  Maybe we have truffles.

Here is Acorn after digging in a dustier area of the yard...

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