chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

In My Face


I've about had it with all the information collecting. I don't think it's a coincidence that the last thing I bought online happens to appear as an ad whenever I pull up a Youtube video. I mean, can't I buy something without it being the whole world's business? You mean if I buy face soap from a skin-care site, Google sends my search results (as well as the actual website I bought the soap from) to Youtube to hit me up again? Ugh...

Deanna has bought soap. Please alert the media to hit her up for more soap purchases...

Facebook is doing this too. Anything you "like" is being collected across the board to harass you later. I've already dropped Facebook --- if I go back to it again I will have to start out with a new name and a new email I don't care about. I'll use it in some other way. Maybe...

But I don't want to go back to it.  On one hand it brings people together, on the other hand it's a giant machine...

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just using you a little bit to make 5 billion dollars."

There are lots of creepy bugs, like the day they figured out it was possible for friends to look at other friend's IM conversations, or the day everyone's personal email and such was actually accidentally public. Spam/viruses spontaneously showing up on someone's wall. Finding out someone in another country logged in as you. Needing to change privacy settings again and again.  I don't personally use any of the games/applications, but I think a lot of people do so without realizing those are built and maintained outside of Facebook, and no one is supervising what they do with your info.

It's also too much information. People are really enjoying broadcasting their thoughts to the point that I hear opinions I wish I hadn't.

"I eat sushi made out of kittens --- off my husband's bare ass!"

But now that I've been a part of it and dropped out, everyone I know who ever used to write me emails has stayed in the Facebook world. I don't hear from them anymore individually, except maybe now and then, and their responses are now days in coming. I realize I'll need to put in more effort to keep initiating communication, as I'm the inconvenient jackass who moved away from Facebook planet. Words have to travel further...

When I was on Facebook, I didn't use it daily, so I was always late to respond to good/bad news --- even with closer friends, which made me look like a jerk. Ah, the maintenance on a relationship with a newsfeed of life events...

Now that I'm off Facebook I don't hear the news at all. Maybe it's best --- my head is already full of clutter.

I suppose I'll just have to be a bad friend to a larger group and try to concentrate on the smaller group I can get a hold of in the real world.  I feel the need to move clutter in my head to one side, leaving a big empty area with a desk and a window, and I'll be hanging out there thinking about what I really need to think about right now...


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