chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Summer Night


We've decided to take pictures of the animals we come across while riding bikes at night, altho I need to bring along my real camera instead of my crappy phone camera. And too bad I haven't seen another rabbit ever since I started taking pictures.

Here's a baby opossum from a few days ago, and a toad from tonight. Nearly ran over the opossum, as it was pitch black, and I made a sudden turn toward him --- my bike light revealed him just in time.

Hardly worth posting the blurry toad, I know, but I promised to put him online. He might have already gone home and told his family.  Who am I kidding, he's probably got a Facebook account, so why would he care about showing up in my journal. In fact, his new Facebook status probably reads, "OMG! Nearly ran over by a bicycle."


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