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Virtual Books


First of all, I think there are too many gadgets in the world, and people spend too much money buying them, and too much time playing with them. Faster and faster these gadgets are outdated, and everyone runs to get the newest thing. The old one gets passed on to someone who couldn't afford it new, but sooner or later it is dropped on its fragile little plastic head and ends up in the landfill... Yes, call me an old lady for saying this.

But I do appreciate gadgets. The I-pad looks kinda neato. Then again it's a really really unnecessary 500-800 toy if you already have a laptop, a computer at home and also at work, and i-phone, etc.   How many freaking gadgets do you really need?

Okay, I wasn't going to talk about the gadgets themselves. I was more concerned with the books. Virtual books. Kindle gadget, yes, saves paper. But saying that picture books will and should become virtual...
(careful, this video can make ya kinda motion sick)

Yes, that's neato and interactive, but as someone pointed out, until each of these book creations become a worldwide permanent format that doesn't have to be recreated for every gadget that comes out, how can these things be shared? And what if you don't have the gadget in the first place? What if the person you want to share it with doesn't have the gadget? What if the gadget is broken? How about when the gadget is discontinued?

Present day:

Have you seen the new interactive Alice book?
No, I don't have an I-pad, but I have the actual Alice book.

5 years from now:

I love that Alice book so much that I've bought a version of it for like three different types of gadgets.
I still just have that one Alice book I've always had.

15 years from now:

Remember the interactive Alice book?
No, I never had an i-pad or any gadgets. Just books.
Well, it was my favorite virtual book when I was a kid, and now I wish I could show it to my kids, but after the i-pad and five other gadgets eventually phased out, I never saw that version of Alice again.
I still have my Alice book that belonged to my grandfather. It's exactly like I remember. I'm giving it to my kids now.

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