chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Oak Trees and stuff...

Someday I want to see this church, Temple de la Sagrada Família, in Barcelona. I want to see this with MY OWN TWO EYES, or I will never believe it exists:

And I think Antoni Gaudi, the architect responsible for this beautiful craziness, must have been one of the most imaginative and daring little fellars who was ever on the planet.

The church wasn't finished before his death in 1926, and even with on-going construction, it's far from completion 80 years later. Knowing he would not live to see it through, Gaudi said artists after him would add their own touches, and he was happy for that. After all, it was to be a church for all people. And there was no rush to build this masterpiece. When folks asked when it would be completed, he would answer, "My Master is in no hurry."

"The temple grows slowly, but this has been the case with everything destined to have a long life. Hundred-year-old oak trees take many years to grow tall, on the other hand, reeds grow quickly, but in autumn the wind knocks them down and there is no more to be said."

Antoni Gaudí (1852 - 1926)

Imagine building the centerpiece of a city!

I don't know about you, but I haven't done anything important today.
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