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November 2013



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May. 24th, 2012


It's officially already too hot to walk anywhere, and my advice is to not wear flip-flops for your trek. When you find yourself baking and wanting to speed up the route to safety, the awkwardness of flip-flops becomes the difference between life and death.

May. 15th, 2012


Angus is nuts about balls and balloons. Obsessed. Chews and slobbers and rolls them around until he's filthy and about to heatstroke. When the ball is taken away he will cry about it and look for it the rest of the day.

He was delighted to find a stray soccer ball in the back yard this morning. I don't know if the neighbor gave it to him or if a kid tossed it over on accident, so I threw it back over the fence before Angus destroyed it. Then Angus spent the whole morning by the fence, moaning and obsessing. Every time I went outside he stared at me with anticipation, then disappointment. 

His day is ruined.

May. 14th, 2012


Testing out new paper and pens...

Mmmm. Paper is delicious.

On a separate note... I sure hate to give up my LiveJournal account after all these years, but I get spam from it about five times a day. And it takes five or six tries to upload a photo because of so many errors, glitches, and some days I just give up. This site doesn't seem to do much maintenance.

May. 4th, 2012


I know it's just one of those stupid images that get passed around, but I like to think sometimes they are from a real event where things happened that should not normally be able to happen. Like cats dancing with a group of people and knowing to face the camera. And they aren't even drunk.

But I think everyone else here is.

May. 1st, 2012

Tiny stuff

I like to draw really really small, so I have lots of doodles that are about 3x3 inches. Most of them go in the trash or get left here and there, but I'm going to start keeping some and watercoloring them.

Painted version:

Framed tiny pic...

I need adult supervision at the art table. Or maybe a bowl of positive-reinforcement fortune cookies with messages like:

Keep going.
Don't throw that away.
That doesn't suck as bad as you think it does.
Don't give up -- there's a 65% chance it will look a lot better when it's done.
If you accomplish something today you will be less suicidal.
Painting will soothe the evil beast that is the hidden half of your soul.
There is no meaning in life, but drawing is pretty cool anyway.

Do this or go back to school and learn a real skill.

Apr. 27th, 2012

Indian Palace

I met my friend at an Indian restaurant today that is in this beautiful building...actually, I think you can call it a palace.

As we walked up to the building from behind I noticed there is an open grassy area with this cute smaller building, so I wanted to go over and take a picture.

On the way to it, and probably for a few minutes after we reached it, I was talking about a horror movie called "Pig Hunt" that is coming on tv tonight. I'm rambling, "It's supposed to be kind of funny and stupid and full of boobs and sh#t...Hey...sh#t...I can't work this camera. I'm so f#cking stupid. Stupid f#cking camera."

Then I step forward to actually take the pic and notice a woman kneeling behind one of the pillars. And then I notice what is a MEMORIAL plaque.

So I've been standing there cursing in front of a little memorial/meditation area, and I need to wash my filthy mouth out with soap. I'm terrible.

Apr. 23rd, 2012

Taking care of business...

Apparently a roll of toilet paper fell off the shelf while I was out. Dogs took care of it.
I did catch Angus still in action.

Apr. 11th, 2012


"...then I'll rise with a roar, rant, rage --- curse them and the universe as I send them scattering over the lawn. I'll feel much better, sit down to toast and eggs, hum a little tune, suddenly become as lovable as a pink overfed whale."

Mar. 10th, 2012


Putting together another piece for the game show...
Can't wait to paint and see if I can get that big fat head to sit on that little neck permanently.

Mar. 8th, 2012


Mushroom pair for upcoming toy show with a video game theme. I guess this is what Mario mushrooms look like at middle-age.

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