chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Adventures in Time-Telling


I know I get distracted, and sometimes I forget why I'm holding a fork or what I was talking about or what I was fetching from the other I forgot how to tell time again.

Usually it's just a few seconds that I feel confused, but today this lasted about 30 seconds. I put a battery in a face clock and then turned the hour hand to the 6, but then couldn't remember what I was supposed to do with the other hand. I looked at the time on the computer again -- 6:14. Ok, yeah, I need to indicate the other number, 14.

But I still didn't know where to put the hand. I looked at the numbers 1-12 and thought, wait, this doesn't go to 14---how do I put 14 in here? Then I had to sit there and look at the notches for each minute, find that they are in blocks of five, go forward to 15 and back one notch...

Yeah, I feel silly explaining my steps, but this was an internal horror movie for me at the time. Oh shit, I can't remember how to tell time. Fast forward to being helped into my clothes and pinning my address to my shirt in case I get lost. Ugh.

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