chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Spruce up a goose


My website has looked the same for five or six years. I suppose I should change it (yes, I made it myself, and I think that's obvious), but that's a whole project of its own, and I'm also afraid I'll just make it look worse. I'm more concerned that the site itself never has much new content --- I never add any drawings, rarely a new book, never any sculptures.
Bad girl.

I did sculpt some silly stuff the other day (and
I use the word "sculpt" loosely, as I'm more of a messy squisher --- no real details). I'm excited about a new clay that is the answer to everything that has turned me off clay. It's lightweight, doesn't crumble/crack, bakes in the oven. It's so soft that it doesn't stand up very well, but ya can't have it all. I'm ordering some more of this clay, and byGod if I don't sculpt with all of it asap, I vow to eat it.

Here's what I've started, which now needs to be painted. Baby carrot in a crib, and mushroom grandpa reading to mushroom kiddos:

Now that I've posted this I'll feel more obligated to paint them soon.


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