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The Horror that is "My Twinn"

"My Twinn" is a doll company where wealthy little girls can have a doll made to look like them. There are many eye/skin/hair colors, hair can be cut and styled to match the girl, and the girl/doll can even order matching outfits.

I saw these a long time ago in Toys R Us and thought, hey, I guess that's good idea if a parent can spare $150 for a doll. At some point today, though, I came across a toddler picture of myself, which was still haunting me when I came across a My Twinn ad a few minutes later.

This is me:

I was realizing what a blessing it was that my mom could never have afforded a My Twinn. When your kid looks like this, you DON'T have a doll created in her likeness. In fact, you keep her clear of all mirrors. If I had been presented with a doll that looked like me, I probably would have vomited, and then I might not have slept for weeks.

Let's just say I could have handled a My Twinn. My mom probably coulda bought one of these Phantom figures as a cheap substitute, and I woulda thought it was made in my likeness:

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